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Project Description


Research & Development, Technology Advancement
& Market Advocacy

An important part of Margan’s mission is to turn acoustic emission into a leading non-destructive monitoring and screening tool and to broaden its range of applications. In order to serve the improvement of service to our customers, Margan constantly engages in research and development that helps demonstrate the advantages of screening and monitoring technologies. Additionally, Margan collaborates and shares its information with its customers.

Another important work of the Margan R&D department is the collaboration with leading institutions such as the Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI). Margan is currently taking part in research programs for the evaluation of acoustic emission monitoring for P22 and P91 materials (P22: Evaluation of Acoustic Emission for Detection of Creep Damage in Piping Systems. EPRI project ID 070446 EPRI link | local copy and (P91: EPRI project ID 071858 EPRI link | local copy)
Margan strives to be involved in our users’ communities and relevant standards bodies. We welcome any Industrial, public, and academic collaborations to advance the application and knowledge.



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